Monday, June 16, 2008

Beyond Canada V: Israel

While you were pining away for JMCR posts, your beloved bloggers were exploring the land of milk and honey with their chosen peers.

Based on our travels, we offer this insight: move to Israel if John McCain becomes president.

Besides spending your days in the holy city of Jerusalem praying that J-tron will rescind his position, there is much to see and plenty to learn in this beautiful country that is almost as old as John McCain himself.

Some highlights:

The Sea of Gallilee


The Desert

The Bible in realtime

The Dead Sea

Israeli Soldiers

Obama Clinching the Nomination While We Were Gone!

That's all folks. We'll be back on the regular now.

(photos brought to you by Jackson Myers (except obama and the soldiers))


Jax said...

hey I think some of those photos were taken by me! Am I right??

Josh said...

at long last, your pro israel bias comes out...