Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Brought To You By The Letter: S

The letter S is perhaps one of the most versatile letters in the English language. It's certainly the most important letter in Scrabble. It's cool, you can make things plural, a lot of words start with it, and it can be used to make a lot of blended consonant sounds (like sh, sp, sm, ...) 

However, its versatility is both a blessing and a curse for McCain-ical. Well, more of a curse really. First, he confused Sunni and Shiite muslims. Popular wisdom holds that he actually does know the difference, but that at 71 and 10 months, he just fucks that shit up sometimes. 

Yesterday the letter S foiled our fair Republican nominee yet again. This time it was on his beloved Straight Talk Express, when he asked reporters "How can we bring pressure on the government of Somalia?" He meant Sudan, and he was corrected by his aide. 

The letter S: 2 
John McCain: 0

JMCR suggests flash cards? 

Somailia, Sudan, Shiite, Sunni, Shlameel, Shlamazel

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