Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Sounds of Science

Although J-tron is no doubt a technologically superior being, apparently that does not translate into the ability to perform basic research on the Internets. He dropped the metal ball big time when, in a town hall meeting in Texas last week, he voiced his support for the crack-pot theory (and at JMCR we can spot those from a mile away) that childhood immunizations are linked with increasing autism cases in the US.

Not only has this theory been rejected by an overwhelming majority of the scientific community (you know, those same dudes who confirmed that global warming is happening and that no, fossils aren't something the Jews buried in the 1950s), but the chemical additive that was suspect has since been removed from all vaccinations.

JMCR suggests a quick Google search next time, we're sure he can get an underpaid staffer to show him how.

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