Wednesday, May 7, 2008

For The Rest Of Their Lives

The Supreme Court, it is often forgotten, is the most enduring part of a President's legacy. The people whom a President appoints to serve as justices are there for life. FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. For the rest of their lives, these people are charged with what is probably the most important responsibility that exists in government.

As anyone who was a fan of the John Adams series (or has read a book) knows, the world is a far different place today than it was in 1789. Many things have changed since then, not least of all the fact that women and non-whites were lumped in with the lucky ones "born with unalienable rights".

As we reflect on the Democratic primary results, John McCain announced his Supreme Court ambitions, should he become #44. Not surprisingly, those ambitions include appointing judges similar to those who have made the following bad calls:

"Since President Bush chose Justices Roberts and Alito, the Court has ordered Seattle and Louisville to scrap voluntary school integration, protected employers who illegally mistreat their workers, and constrained women’s right to choose and voters’ right to vote. "

And now for the fatal flaw...If he only appoints judges who long to return to the 18th century, how will robots ever become enfranchised? I know Arianna Huffington says that McCain might have voted for Gore in 2000, but how did he even get the right to vote?

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