Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Things Can Always Be Worse

Don't you just love it when our generation gets categorized and stereotyped?

We are the "look at me" generation or the "9/11" generation, a group of kids that get discussed in hushed and somber tones ("what on Earth will happen to them?"). 2000-2004 were not only the years of Bush's first term, but they were also the years I attended high school. 2004-2008 were not only the years of Bush's (excuse me while I throw up a little in my mouth) second term, but they were also the years I attended college. Formative years, wouldn't you say? And things get bleaker still...

The new Op-Ed by Bob Herbert does a good job of 1) systematically laying out all of our worst fears and 2) giving us a catchy new name "The Millennials", I like it....less offensive than "look at me" (thanks a lot Newsweek) less depressing than "9/11", there is just a hint of sadness under the surface. Like, look a new millenium, thats cool....wait, things still suck a lot...

My favorite part:
"The Demos study pointed to the very difficult employment environment confronting young adults. Fewer jobs offer the benefits of paid vacations, health coverage or pensions. And moving up the employment ladder is much harder. As the study noted, “The well-paying middle-management jobs that characterized the work force up to the late-1970s have been eviscerated.”

But things could always be worse.... John McCain could be the president in November. (Look Ma, I'm an optimist!)

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