Friday, September 19, 2008

An Alaskan Silver Lining

Its easy to get b(l)ogged down in all of the crazy shit that's out there sometimes.

Obama was down in the polls, now he's up, but could still go back down. McCain's response to the latest gloom and doom scenario from Wall Street was lame at best, dangerous at worst. He's out there now talking about how more government involvement is just the ticket, when he spent his entire political career challenging government interference (I know they both start with the letter I, but they're really not the same word). I wonder if there are stats out there about how many new prescriptions for Xanax have been filled and how many of those are election related?

These are uncertain times to be sure, but its important to take stock of the silver linings. And there are some out there. I just recieved an email replete with pictures from the largest rally in Alaska state history. They put a smile on my face, so here's one that will hopefully do the same for all you readers out there:

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