Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Problems With Pigs and Lipsticks

America's economic, energy, and national security woes are no match for subpar animal metaphors. Or for that matter a Tina Fey/Karen Walker combo of a governor from the least populated state in the union that was only created to act as a buffer between Russia and North America during the heady days of the Cold War. Did I mention that listening to her voice makes me long for the days of Hillary's tired and strained warble?

Governor Palin has referred to herself as both a barracuda and a pitbull (but its ok cause she wears lipstick), but the Palin campaign (oh right, I mean McCain campaign, oops) is now up in arms over a third animal analogy made by Senator Obama. 

The happy go lucky 24 hour news cycles were quick to seize on this perceived gaffe. Obama is a sexist pig for calling her a pig. Well I say McCain is a sexist pig for being a coward and not selecting pro-choice droopy dog wonder Lieberman for his running mate, choosing Sarah "my family can make private choices but others can't" Palin, and acquiescing to the agents of intolerance that control his party. 

Anyway, someone should tell Sarah that lipstick is so passe. Its all about stains and glosses. Women's rights, ya'll....

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