Monday, September 22, 2008


The original impetus for this blog was the assumption that Senator John McCain was actually a robot controlled by Karl Rove.

In the months that followed, as we attempted to chronicle the various robotic aspects of J-tron, C-3PO (Cindy), other republican assholes, and most recently Sarah.... it seemed as though Karl was conspicuously absent. In fact, just a few months ago, I remember kind of missing him.

However, these days, he appears to be back in full force. Now, does it make me just a little smug to know my original hypothesis was correct? Sure, a little.

Frank Rich does a good job of distilling Karl's kontribution to the current incarnation of J-tron and his campaign. My favorite bit:

"For all his fiery calls last week for a Wall Street crackdown, McCain opposed the very regulations that might have helped avert the current catastrophe. In 1999, he supported a law co-authored by Gramm (and ultimately signed by Bill Clinton) that revoked the New Deal reforms intended to prevent commercial banks, insurance companies and investment banks from mingling their businesses. Equally laughable is the McCain-Palin ticket’s born-again outrage over the greed of Wall Street C.E.O.’s. When McCain’s chief financial surrogate, Fiorina, was fired as Hewlett-Packard’s chief executive after a 50 percent drop in shareholders’ value and 20,000 pink slips, she took home a package worth $42 million. "

People forget that Karl Rove is not the first to come up with the notion that creating a political environment where, if a lie is repeated enough by enough people, it automatically becomes the truth. Adolf Hitler did that too and things turned out just peachy there.

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