Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Go Ahead, Make Her Day

"If you honestly think someone with extremely limited experience will solve the severe problems we have in this country then, by all means, vote for Senator Obama. If you want to give complete control of our government to the Democrats who have made a real mess of things over the last two years they've controlled Congress, then go ahead and vote for Senator Obama. And, if you really believe that our taxes should be higher and that government should have a bigger role in our lives, vote for Senator Obama"

We thank Meghan McCain for her

She goes on to say that regardless of your race, gender, socioeconomic status (i know, its a pretty big word, but she did go to Columbia. bitch), and sexual orientation that John McCain will be there for you.

I'm sorry, I'd like her to explain how John McCain is going to "be there" for homosexuals whose inalienable right to get married in California is the subject of a
ballot initiative that seeks to draw in Republican AND McCain voters.

And while she's at it, how John McCain is going to "be there" for women when he appoints Supreme Court justices that would curtail reproductive independence.

No matter, she'll be off
the trail soon. And its a good thing too, because its not good for your hair to dye it that often.

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