Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Letter S: Part II

I think we can safely say we've detected one of the major flaws of J-tron's engineering. In all respects, he is certainly a marvelous creation. I mean, a fully functional robot running for president, it is truly an accomplishment (and who says the United States is falling behind in math and science?).

Sure, he can't lift his arms or speak in clear and fluid language, but still.... impressive nonetheless. However, he continues to struggle with this nasty little letter in the alphabet. The letter S. As in Sunni, Shi'ite, Sudan, Somalia, and Shit Storm (like the state of his campaign).

Last night in the debate J-tron met his match again in his arch nemesis. Special needs. While the term does refer to a host of mental and development disorders, he went on to conflate Autism and Down's Syndrome, apparently not being able to recognize that they are actually two very different disorders.

Was it a senior slip (again with those S's...)? Does he not know the difference? Or worse, was he just blatantly lying about the qualifications of his bimbo running mate to make it seem like he hadn't put country, um 87th sounds about right?

Simply surrpassed by the sweet sounds signalling Change, McCain and his soldiers surreptitiously slither Southward. Sayonara suckers.

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