Friday, October 10, 2008

J-Tron: Carefree Baby Killer?

The US Agency for International Development under the stewardship of President Bush and with the support of the robot-that-would-be-president continued their policy of cutting off funds for birth control, condoms, and IUDs for the world's poorest women in Africa.

Huurah!, a victory for pro-lifers everywhere. I'm sure they can rejoice in the estimated 157,000 additional unwanted pregnancies per year, leading to 62,000 additional abortions and 660 women dying in childbirth. Someone start blowing up balloons.

So what does J-tron have to say about it? When questioned last spring about whether or not the US should fund contraceptives to help combat AIDS in Africa he stumbled, "I haven’t thought about it,” and later added, “You’ve stumped me.”

Hopefully someday all women will get charged for their rape kits after they've been attacked, until then we'll just have to make due with abstinence-only education, a rising teen pregnancy (and STD rate) in the US, and contributing to the deaths of thousands of African women and children.

Good work everybody.

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