Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Real v. Fake

One of us works in "fake Virginia" and we both live in  "anti-America" parts of the country according to j-tron's senior advisor Nancy Pfotenhauer and Palin-drone, respectively. 

This all coming from a campaign that doesn't even have a human being at the helm. How can we be qualified as fake and anti-American when the campaign isn't even pro-human?

Discuss amongst yourselves. 


E.L. Achler said...

Well, you are practically off the boat...

Maybe you should just go back to the mother country (although its not like presidential politics are any better there, that dude did totally get acid thrown on his face).

Josh said...

Why cross the ocean when she could just return to "fake Virginia", or as Joe McCain likes to call it, "Communist country". The Reds are coming!
Also, you'll be happy to know that despite "showing love to the Rays", Obama is not a flip-flopper and continues to root for the Phillies. Phew.