Sunday, April 27, 2008

John McCain, Now Featuring Sexism!

So this woman working at Goodyear realized that she had been getting paid a lot less than her male counterparts. Read all about it here, it's compelling stuff.

Anyway, she brought a legit suit against the company but there was a statute of limitations of 180 days for her to file suit since her first unfair paycheck and she sued way later then that....again, details here.

She was awarded damages but the Supreme Court overturned the ruling due to the statute of limitations thing (hey fellas! sexist pay practices are now only illegal for 6 months and then you're scot free to screw over that lucky gal!)

A bill passed in the House claiming that the 180 days should start with every new discriminatory paycheck but it was rejected in the Senate by 42 senators (Obama and Clinton both voted for the bill).

So now we get to McCain and how he plays into this whole thing...

J-tron didn't vote for the bill even though he says he's familiar with the pay disparity. Instead of suing unfair employers, J-t says women "need education and training, particularly since more and more women are heads of their households, as much or more than anybody else."

So even though women are getting paid less than men despite performing the same jobs, they will benefit from more education instead of stopping discrimination in the workplace?

As Slate pointed out yesterday:
Wow. Hey! We [women] should develop the superpowers of heat vision and flight, as well.

I wonder if McCain-ical shares this with Meghan, she'll pull a Jenna Bush and vote for a Dem. One can only dream.

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