Monday, April 28, 2008

Beyond Canada III

Since the dollar isn't getting stronger any time soon, it's time to move to London.

Your first exchange from dollars to pounds will leave you heartbroken...but then you'll get a job earning pounds and you'll feel loads better.

Once you change your name to Nigel or Margaret and start rocking out to The Kinks on your iPod (you're foolish if you don't already) you'll feel right at home.

After you get used to tea time and minding the gap you can hang at the boisterous but fabulous British Library. There's flirting! even giggling! and people named Lady Antonia Fraser frequent the place where Marx, Yeats and Woolf used to muse over the rotten state of affairs.

Continue the Modern tradition by writing your own manifesto about how fucked the U.S. is under the tutelage of J-tron.

You'll thank us later.

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