Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kunta Kinte!

This little blurb in Politico does a nice job of juxtaposing the two conflicting ideologies constantly at war inside that old clap trap of a circuit system McCain likes to pretend is a brain.

"After I whip his you-know-what in this debate, we're going to be going out" and hitting the campaign trail, McCain said. But, wanting to temper the anti-Obama rhetoric that has flared up from Republicans at his recent campaign events, McCain in the same brief talk also reiterated his intention to not hit Obama below the belt.

"I wanna emphasize again, I respect Senator Obama," McCain said. "We will conduct a respectful race, and we will make sure that everybody else does, too."

Did McCain just say he was going to whip a black man and in the same breath claim that he respects him? It's just a tad reminiscent of the complex slave and master relationship that prolonged the institution of slavery and afterward, inequality in the South. The argument went that because white men respected their slaves and took care of them, slavery itself was not wrong. To the contrary, they believed that the institution actually helped their captives.

This flawed and morally corrupt logic has long since been debunked, however there are elements that occasionally still creep into modern events and McCain's rhetorical glich, whether accidental or intentional, is no exception.

McCain can whip Obama all he wants, but my guess is he'll just keep on yelling "Kunta Kinte!" right back at him.

*I hope when the Obamas move up into that big plantation house, they get a whole mess of white servants to order around.

A big JMCR shoutout goes to George for alerting us to this news item. Keep 'em coming!


Josh H. Egogrope said...
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Josh H. Egogrope said...

Perfect post. I'm from Topeka and I think your blog is actually good. Nice work.